groups and 1:1
individually dependent on package
Continuing of lessons
Mindfulness lessons for children can take place only when the child wants to learn mindfulness.
10-15 x in groups, longer upon request. 5 x = gives a reasonable basis in 1:1 sessions.
Online via video call and in Hamburg, in the practice Re-focus. Home visits upon request.

Do you sometimes feel

• not strong, and you don’t know why?

• fearful in school, with new kids, or at night in bed?

• in panic because of an upcoming test?

• stupid, because you don’t get your homework done, and you can’t concentrate for too long?

• stupid, because all other kids obviously can work better

• hard, tense, and just not right in your own skin?

• angry, because some things just don’t go as you want them to?

What you may not know: You’re not the only kid that sometimes feels like that. Also grown-ups feel sometimes like that.

The good news is:

Your brain learns every day. No, I’m not speaking of math or English. I’m speaking about your life: When you play something. When you speak to someone. When you play soccer. Always when you learned something new, new connections in your brain were built. You got stronger in that particular area. That the brain can change is called neuroplasticity. Sounds cool, doesn’t it?


"Mindfulness was something completely different from what I knew. In the beginning it was strange to see or feel this stillness. I paid more attention to how I treat others and how things were. I learned so much more about myself. And now, this might sound funny, I can more choose what words come out of my mouth. When I think about it I think I've been living much better since I started practicing mindfulness."

// Yara, 14 years old

"My son enjoyed it to relax and chat with other children while doing mindfulness. He saw that he's not the only one with certain problems. He has learned to meet conflicts with more calmness. Through practicing to walk through life more awake he got more conscious about a lot of things." 

// M. Hinke, Hamburg, son 11 years old

The even greater news is:

You can learn to feel stronger (and to be stronger), to feel less anxious, to better concentrate, and to feel just right in your own skin. That you can learn for instance in my classes. You can start with a trial hour. You can then have a look if you like it and if you like me - as a trainer and as someone with whom you want to look at situations you found difficult. With that, things sometimes can change and loosen up. You then are able to see solutions that you weren’t aware of before. And you’re feeling better, because you were brave enough to feel what was going on, and then to act. You can then see how much power you have!

If you didn’t like the trial hour, you can say so directly to me, or later on to your parents. Then you’ll find someone else that is a better fit. If you liked the trial hour, we can arrange more classes together.

by the way:

In the beginning it can feel rather strange to try something new. You may think: I don’t know if I can do it! You don’t have to know anything, neither in the trial hour, nor in the other classes. You have all you need inside of you. Without a doubt.


Sometimes it’s also helpful to speak to someone about what is going on, when you grow up. 

When we speak about things they often get more easily sorted. Situations, experiences, feelings and thoughts can come together more easily like puzzle pieces - and then you’ll feel better, and often more at ease. About difficult situations such as school, your parents not getting along or getting divorced, the death of someone dear or transition struggles in school.

These talks are also called „coaching“. The same way athletes talk through strategies and other stuff with their coaches, we can do this, just referring to your life.


To learn more please send me a message to schedule a telephone call with me. This first meeting is free and usually lasts between 10-30 minutes. Here we can see what you or your child need and if my offering could be a fit. 

"I'm using mindfulness in my everyday life when I'm stressed out. Then I'm thinking of a gallery of pictures: all my great memories are hung up there. These pictures then make me happy."

// Michael, 13 years old

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