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DōTERRA' means 'gift of the earth' and it stands for empowerment

For balance, relaxation and focus

In challenging times as we are facing right now the dōTERRA oils can support you and your family and can create the best conditions for balance, relaxation and focus. 

dōTERRA Peppermint for instance lets us and the children be focused and helps to relax the head as well as the whole body. It can also bring some freshness into our home during and after cleaning it. Since the dōTERRA oils are such high quality, you only need 1-2 drops per application! 

dōTERRA Wild Orange, Lemon or Citrus Bliss™ can support our mood in the darker seasons but also during the summer. Other oils can be applied before going to sleep. We can feel more balanced from the inside and then have more energy for our children, work and everything else. 

It always makes sense to try the oils yourself. You can give me a call and we can see which oils could best support your family and you could order them immediately or receive a sample if I have one available.  

Why dōTERRA?

dōTERRA oils are produced under conditions that benefit our Earth as well as all humans and families involved in the process. They are tested on pesticides and chemicals. The ready essential oil essence is 100 % pure and is sold like this. No fillers or other foreign substances are added. 

That's palpable.

If you want to order oils, you can lessen your investment by around 25 % by buying them as an enrolled customer for purchasing prices. To be able to do that please give me a call in case you learned about the oils through me. In case you learned about them through another dōTERRA wellness advocate, please place your order with this person. 

In coaching 

Through the coaching with the method by Dr. Shefali we can gain a new balance from the inside and can let go of past experiences. We are then able to walk a new path in the here and now and do what we're supposed to do. 

This process isn't always easy and the dōTERRA oils can accompany us on this path. They can help us see more clearly, be more focused and follow-through, even if uncomfortable issues come to the surface. 

Sometimes while having the oils around me I have the feeling I'm walking through a Mediterranean garden. And who doens't like that? We have the chance to gain new energy, from nature, and then we can continue. The investment is worth it: for our inner being, for our home, and for our relationship to our children and others. 

Schedule a call

To find out more schedule a call right now and we can discuss which oils are the the best fit for you and your family. 



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