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Do you sometimes feel

• not strong, and you don’t know why?

• fearful in school, with other teens, or in new situations?

• in panic because of an upcoming test?

• stupid, because you don’t get your homework done, and you can’t concentrate for too long?

• stupid, because all other teens obviously need to study less to be good at school?

• hard, tense, and just not right in your own skin?

• angry, because some things just don’t go as you want them to?

What you may not know: You’re not the only teen that sometimes feels like that.

The good news is:

Your brain learns new stuff every day. Every time you do something, you chat with someone, or even if you do nothing, it learns.

The even greater news is:

You can learn to feel stronger (and to be stronger), to feel less anxious, to better concentrate, and to feel just right in your own skin. Mindfulness and coaching are the tools that teens around the world use to strenghen themselves. You’re not alone! They love it, and you probably will love it, too. Because you will see your world with new eyes!

„I'm 13 years old and have had some sessions with Kim. I really liked it because I felt understood by her. She always knew what I was just thinking. Now I'm much more relaxed in school. Also I'm much more confident. Kim's great :-).“

Charlotte, Hamburg

„My daughter, 16 years old, did several sessions with Kim. I was impressed by how she could get back to her former strength. She could let go of feelings of being insecure. These feelings obviously were not only caused by hormones but also by old emotional structures that she now could let go of. We are so happy to have met Kim and I can highly recommend her.“

// Rebecca P., Hamburg


To learn more and to speak to me personally if my coaching could be a fit for you you can call me alone or together with your parents. Also you can just send me a message via whats app or email. This first talk on the phone is free. 

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