First Video-Call free: Here I explain all the details, you can ask all you questions, and you can gain some first insight in what you can gain when working with me. After this call you can choose to buy a package to reach your goals.
In 5-6 months only you can initiate deep transformational processes and get the changes you want to make implemented long-term.
Online video call and in the practice Re-focus in Hamburg-Harvestehude

In my coaching with the Conscious Parenting Method™ by Dr. Shefali Tsabary you as a mom are center stage, not your child or your children.

This lets this approach be so different from other coaching approaches for parents and turns the more traditional way of thinking, that a „difficult“ child needs to be treated on its head.

The Conscious Parenting Method™ Coaching makes visible what is going on on a deeper level. That way the dynamics can be changed. The way we were raised by our parents is deeply influencing how we parent our own children. The question is: How do we want to raise our own children? Unconsciously or consciously?

With the Conscious Parenting Coaching within hours you can learn what kind of patterns drive you and if these patterns of feelings, thoughts and behaviours are still serving you. Or if it’s better to let go of any of these patterns learned since childhood. The dynamic with your child then changes automatically. Some former „difficult“ children are all of a sudden not difficult anymore.

This path isn’t always easy. But you’re in for a treat! My kids could tell you for hours about all the difficult situations we’ve had together. They could tell you from all the times where I responded unconsciously and with little compassion. But they could also tell you about how things have changed since 2011 when I started learning from Dr. Amy Saltzman and later from Dr. Shefali Tsabary. The change is no less than a 180° turn!

"Through the sessions with Kim I could discover some blocks inside myself that I haven't been able to see before. I could then see new paths to walk. With her clarity and compassion she helped me within a short time, so that I then could continue this path for myself. I was surprised how quick I was able to become more conscious of certain aspects of my life. I feel very grateful!"

// Gabriele Goldammer-Büttner, Hamburg

first appointment:

You can start by scheduling a first free 30-minute call and/ or a first free Conscious Parenting Coaching session with me. That way you can get to know me personally and can get all your questions answered. Please leave me a message via mail or cellphone!

"As a young mother in a difficult time Kim supported me to sort my thoughts and feelings and to reconnect to my body. I started to value different parts of my life in a new way and could build up a feeling of safety. I'm so happy and grateful to have met Kim."

// Tana G., Hamburg

"Kim is a compassionate listener, supportive coach, and contributed to myself finding the clarity and truths I needed to find in myself."

// Ida, Oslo

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