Conscious Coaching 

Coaching for parents

With the Conscious Parenting Methodâ„¢ by Dr. Shefali

For topics that relate to your children but also all other important topics. Within this coaching we're not making the surface all beautiful again but untie and release deeper and outdated structures, so that you can live more freely in the now and can create your life every day anew. 

Coaching for Teens

Here I also work with what I learned from Dr. Amy Saltzman and Dr. Shefali

If you feel stuck in your thoughts, feelings or how your life is going right now, or if you experience fear or other difficult thoughts and feelings, then I'm having some good news for you: all that is more normal than you might think. And there's always a solution. Mindfulness and coaching have already helped thousands of teens around the globe to gain a new perspective and to see how to move on. You're welcome to give me a call to see if my offering could be a fit for you. This first call is free. 

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