„When being coached by Kim I got clarity about so much more. This clarity made it possible for me to take on new perspectives and to see new paths. I could then look at my way ahead and cope better with things in the present. Through Kim’s calm and clear way of relating I could relax and get calm and clear myself.“

Bettina v. B. , Hamburg

„I'm 13 years old and have had some sessions with Kim. I really liked it because I felt understood by her. She always knew what I was just thinking. Now I'm much more relaxed in school. Also I'm much more confident. Kim's great :-).“

Charlotte, Hamburg

"Kim is a compassionate listener, supportive coach, and contributed to myself finding the clarity and truths I needed to find in myself."

Ida, 29 years old, Oslo

"In the still quiet place inside myself it is very still! Sometimes I like it to be there, sometimes not. At home I'm using mindfulness when I am alone or when I feel sad."

// Marissa, 8 years old


„Right before an English test I did some mindfulness. I breathed into my belly and told my classmates about it. That it helps to concentrate and to calm down. I felt calmer. Some of the others joined me.“

// Louis, 11 years old

„Joyful - warm-orange - in my belly.“

// Haiku ( here defined as three words that describe a situation or a feeling, by Dr. Amy Saltzman), written during mindfulness class by Louis, 11 years old

„When I do mindfulness, it often feels good and still in my body, and I feel a tingling in all my body. I enjoy it a lot to then get some quiet time for myself."

// Levke, 9 years old

„It feels so good for me to be in the still quiet place inside myself. I then feel friendly, and I can better get along with others. I often use mindfulness in my everyday life, to listen, or to find my friends on the playground.“

// Miroslav, 9 years old 

"As a young mother in a difficult time Kim supported me to sort my thoughts and feelings and to reconnect to my body. I started to value different parts of my life in a new way and could build up a feeling of safety. I'm so happy and grateful to have met Kim."

// Tana G., Hamburg

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