In our world there’s abundance, I'm sure of that. Of course that's not always visible for us. Sometimes we’re feeling a lack of whatever. At the same time we can learn to see the abundance in our live. From my point of view it’s of great value to live and work beyond competition. We can work in cooperation and thus change our world!

The presence is perfect as it is.

Of course this doesn’t mean that everything’s always great. Or that we feel perfect. Or that we find the behaviour of others perfect. However, it means that everything that happens in our universe is connected in a meaningful way. And this lets us grow, especially in challenging situations. It also means, that in our deepest core we’re whole and perfect as we are, and that we can grow from there - instead out of a feeling of not being good enough. When we practice mindfulness and for instance sit and breathe 10 minutes per day, then we spin a connection to the universe and to our true self. Then we see the value of ourselves and of everything else more easily.

Mistakes make us successful.

If we are ready to look at our experiences and what went well and what went wrong without judging ourselves and others, then we can learn to be more free of old structures and beliefs, and we can experience our world in a whole new way. When we are being a model for our children in that point, then they also know, that they’re allowed to make experiences where they didn’t behave all so perfectly. In school and in life. We then can go about new situations and new work projects awake and brave, without shame, and without fear. I aspire to be a role model for my own children at that point, and I wish for them as well as other children that they can go their ways in the absence of fear and shame.

Not perfect.

I love my work and to my sense I’m really good at it. However, of course I’m not perfect in it, and I’m not perfect when being together with my own children. Please also see point # 3. Sometimes people say to me: Oh, how great that you teach how you can handle all these difficult situations, thoughts and feelings. Then you can do all that perfectly in your own home and don’t have stress with it. - No. Unfortunately this is not how it works. Some things get easier with time, but there are enough situations that are all from being neat and ordered, and in which I behave all but resilient. My teacher Dr. Amy Saltzman calls it „The Oh-Shit-moment“. At this moment we think: „Oh shit, can I really do this work? Can I really teach Mindfulness?“. These Oh-Shit-Moments are there.

It has to be a match.

I don’t give lessons, coaching or treatments when the match doesn’t feel right. From my point of view there're always offerings that are a fit, or aren’t. For everybody. In the first lesson everybody can see how things go and how it feels. There’s always an alternative when it doesn’t fit. I have a good network in Hamburg as well as internationally, and can recommend many highly qualified colleagues.

My children come first.

I love my work. At the same time I place my children first. That can result in a delay in returning a call or mail. It can also result in an emergency short-term re-scheduling. I kindly ask all parents and kids who book sessions and treatments with me for their understanding.

Water with lemon helps. (And, of course, Italian espresso.)

I’m always squeezing some fresh lemon in the water I’m drinking. Sometimes with some Agave nectar added (= lemonade). It makes the water even more special. It helps me to see how we can make something really special out of something simple and daily (but so precious). Something that visitors comment with: „Oh, how delightful is that?!“ The lemons are a perfect reminder that we can create something utterly special out of all the lemons life is giving us.

Our world needs everyone.

From my point of view we all have more to offer than we sometimes dare to think. Many people already have done unbelievable work to bring our world forward. Little or big, invisible or visible. Some decorate and design beautiful houses. Some clean and care for houses with that little extra. Some have created new approaches in the finance sector (Muhammad Yunus). Some invent something revolutionary (Boyant Slat). Again others provide us with wonderful French recipes (Mimi Thorisson) or bake the most delicious bread that we can imagine. Again others have their impact through other, not as visible means. I believe, we are all here for a reason!

A child with an education is unstoppable.

(Please see She’s the First, Non-Profit Organisation, NYC: „A girl with an education is unstoppable.“)

I’ve learned and personally seen, that apart from our academic learning another ABC is as important to live a happy and successful life. Susan Kaiser Greenland calls it: A for attention, B for balance, and C for compassion. Others speak of emotional intelligence. Again others focus on teaching our kids what self responsibility means (for instance not to make others or things responsible for our feelings). If our children (and we ourselves) learn this, we can't be stopped in what we want to achieve for ourselves and for our world. Please also see point # 8.


We have to breathe to stay alive. At the same time we can learn to feel our breath. This can make our life so much richer. It’s a little like biking or swimming or some other sport: You have to do it yourself to see how wonderful it is!

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