Mindfulness is to be awake.

For oneself. For the children. For life. 

To learn the Mindfulness Meditation and to dive deep into  the Conscious Parenting Method™ of Dr. Shefali is waking up. Then we can be more of what we really want to be and don't just react. Situations on the outside then don't just happen. We have an impact. 

This makes us strong while we can be vulnerable, and it makes us self-confident in the middle of experiencing 'failures'. It shows us how we're connected to the universe and how we're just a tiny speck in it while our impact can be huge and while our value is immeasurable.

You can start with a first free 30-minute call for all your questions and / or you can schedule a first free Conscious Parenting Method™ Coaching right away to find out if this approach is a fit for you. Please leave a message on my cellphone or via mail.

„When being coached by Kim I got clarity about so much more. This clarity made it possible for me to take on new perspectives and to see new paths. I could then look at my way ahead and cope better with things in the present. Through Kim’s calm and clear way of relating I could relax and get calm and clear myself.“

Bettina v. B. , Hamburg



„Kim is deeply committed to sharing the beneficial practices of mindfulness with people of all ages, to enhance their well-being. I highly recommend Kim as a teacher for mindfulness for children, adolescents and adults.“

// Dr. Amy Saltzman, Menlo Park


Hi, I'm Kim,

mom of two boys, 11 and 14 years old, and Conscious Parenting coach. I can support you and your child to be awake, more resilient, more self-confident and thus even stronger than you already are!


„My daughter has benefitted a lot from the classes. She got quieter and more focused. After some time she was able again to engage with others. Also she went to being less explosive and she could better calm herself.“

// Angelina S., Hamburg, daughter: 14 years old


„Mom, absolutely tell on your website that mindfulness isn’t sitting still. That you can watch the clouds. Feel the sun. Eat chocolate.“

// Golo, 9 years old (my younger son)


"Through the sessions with Kim I could discover some blocks inside myself that I haven't been able to see before. I could then see new paths to walk. With her clarity and compassion she helped me within a short time, so that I then could continue this path for myself. I was surprised how quick I was able to become more conscious of certain aspects of my life. I feel very grateful!"

// Gabriele Goldammer-Büttner, Hamburg




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