Expand into your true feminine leadership

I support visionary women to choose themselves, step into their feminine, and be the leader in their life. 

I welcome you to this beautiful journey. 

You want to expand, and you feel the time is now. 
Expansion and growing is something you can’t force, but you can choose it. 
And although it can hurt from time to time, it also consists of many steps that feel light and joyful. 
The women that I work with  experience this joy again and again while they choose to let go of old conditioning and the hurting that goes with it.

As a collective, we are in the middle of transforming patterns and inheritances that are hundreds of years old, passed on from generation to generation. 

One of these patterns is how men and women interact with each other.  

One of them is how we as women show up in the world with our feminine qualities. 

We now live in a time to break these old patterns that don’t serve us anymore. 
This breaking free heals us and the girls and boys to come. 
It heals our relationships with ourselves, other women, and men. 
It is part of the healing of our world. 

Join this movement and be the woman you want to be in this world.

An experience that changes your life.

In my Coaching and Mentorship programs, you can truly step into a new identity and embody what you were always meant to be, unveiling your power that lies within.

Become intimate with yourself and your life, and gain access to a knowing and clarity inside yourself that just wasn’t possible before - because there were too many layers  covering your true self. Your queen self. Your very essence. 

Working with me invokes in you the intimacy that got layered over.  
By inherited patterns. 
By conditioning. 
By the roles you took on as a child. 
By recent events and the hustle of everyday life.

It also sets you free to relate to the ones you love and care about in truer and more intimate ways.

This intimacy and connection to your true self sets you free to embody and live what you truly want. 
You step into clarity and wisdom, and that leads to your next aligned step. 

Together we can uncover what has been holding you back and thus your life will shift to more ease, inner joy, a newly
 discovered zest for life, adventure, and commitment to your inner and outer journey. 
I can guide you for a certain time. 
However, at the end of the day,  you will always lead yourself. 
Through that, you become the TRUE leader of your life. 
And that can happen fast.

Hello, I'm Kim,

Consciousness Coach and Mentor for women to choose themselves, step into their feminine, and be the leader of their lives. 

When I am not working for my business, I love to go swimming, biking, hiking, taking Ballet classes online (thank you, Misty Copeland!), and making and enjoying Pasta and Italian cakes with my two boys.

In the past 10 plus years, I’ve empowered and guided women as well as teens with the practices of mindfulness and other consciousness-related practices as well as energy balancing. 

My work was hugely transformed and influenced by my teacher Dr. Shefali Tsabary, whose work was named by Oprah as “revolutionary and life-changing”. The coaching certification with Dr. Shefali was healing on such a deep level for me, that I stepped into full worth myself and thus can support other women to do the same - fully, deeply, and unapologetically. 

Dr. Shefali wrote to me “You did a fantastic job as a coach!” and I tell this here to fully own exactly that. 

When I coach women to step into their worth, and fully own what they have to give, I can do so, because I’ve walked the path with you. 

If you still feel held back by what we can call “BS BS” = “Bullshit Belief Systems” (on point quote by Dr. Shefali), I know there is a way to transform these. 

Believe me and see me: I was a girl, who unconsciously didn’t believe she would be able to achieve anything. My  life was not exactly glamorous in my twenties - even if it looked like it.. I  lost friends and family members and gained new friends and new family members - and lost them all over again with the divorce I experienced and other big changes. 

Deep inside, I knew I had so much I could give to the world, and that I am not flawed. At times, I doubted myself, and I am deeply grateful for the friends who had my back.  

And even if this is not the end of it,  I now feel utterly happy to be exactly where I am - with all the losses I experienced while becoming more awake, more myself, more connected to the universe and the divine, all the space that was created through that, and all the beautiful women and men who I could meet.

So, will you join this circle of women, this movement? 
I invite you to feel into it, to sit with all that is new, and to continue your journey with what feels most aligned with you right now.


When you feel the call to do your first step, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

“While being coached by Kim, I gained so much new clarity. This clarity made it possible for me to take on a whole new perspective and to see new paths. I could then look at my way ahead and cope better with things in the present. Through Kim’s calm and clear way of relating, I could relax and get calm and clear myself.“
// Bettina v. Bühler


“Before I started the coaching with Kim, I was anxious about a lot of stuff. It was very difficult for me to concentrate on anything else and to enjoy being with friends, attending sports, or seeing what I really wanted for my life. My thoughts went crazy when a test or other big event was coming up, and I then couldn’t relax and couldn’t fall asleep easily. Now I can enjoy a lot of things again and can deal with disturbing thoughts in different ways. I am much less anxious, and when I am, I can be with it and not be overwhelmed by it. I love how I feel so much stronger  and more alive than before.”

// Teresa, 20 yo.



„Kim is deeply committed to sharing the beneficial practices of mindfulness with people of all ages, to enhance their well-being. I highly recommend Kim as a teacher for mindfulness for children, adolescents and adults.“

// Dr. Amy Saltzman


„You did a fantastic job as a coach." 

// Dr. Shefali Tsabary

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